MTV Scarred

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Do you know why I love watching MTV Scarred? Because I hate watching it!!


To a lot of people that comment won’t make any sense whatsoever. But if you’ve seen Scarred before that then comment will have been made by you at some point in your life aswell.

It’s the most gruesome and disgusting show on TV. But if you see that it’s on you click to watch it and as every bone breaks, snaps and buckles you ask yourself questioning your sanity!!

Here are some of my favourite Scarred moments…


50 cent looses a couple pounds

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50 Cent lost over 4 stone to star as a cancer patient in a new movie.

Not only is this the most f’ckkkked up picture of the week but it’s also the most disturbing picture I’ve seen in many months. 50 looks a mess like a he’s been addicted to Crystal Meth or something.


PAR/GROAN of the Week

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So yesterday I decided that due to us not having any fizzy pop in the cupboard and me having a severe craving for some Fizzy Drinkle in my system I decided to head to the shop to get a little something something to quench my thirst!!


So I headed to Tesco’s. I’d had a few problems with the chip on my card being very temperamental but took a chance at the self service. Went to the self service to with it said it couldn’t read my card. I called the assistant.
She rudely directed me to a standard checkout to which I was like “Cool, fine”. Got there to some absolute wazzocck who tried my card in the chip and pin? OBVIOUSLY this didn’t work and he took my card out… Looked at the pin and pointed at it then started rubbing it …… FRAUBASVIBADMICODABVIANERIUB AM I A F’CKING MIND READER WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?!?!?


I was cleared getting heated by this point. So said to him “What does this movement indicate” and he replied “Damage” so I said to him. Swipe it then!! Then the assistant manager came over and stuck her oar in! “He can’t actually do that you can’t override it” then the assistant said “It’s been overridden, can you sign here” SEE YOU LATER ASSISTANT MANAGER GO BACK TO YOUR CORNER!!

Anyways signed the receipt and the assistant then decided he wanted to check it 50 times. Then called Mother Moose the Assistant Manager who checked it and said that she can’t really allow him to accept it. WHAT??? I got my driving licence out and showed the dude my signature on there while the woman was still ranting. The dude accepted that it was me and put the transaction through saying it was fine.


However the woman continued to rant saying the signatures have to look similar. So I responded “If the signatures didn’t look similar then why did you let your colleague put the transaction through? If it did look similar then why are you here?” to which she said “DO YOU WANT TO LET ME FINISH SIR?!?!?” Wow!!

Luckily for her I left the shop. However if Tesco’s played Dubstep, Collie Buddz or Tempa T’s next hype that woman would have most probably been thrown right back to isle 18 by her ears!! Don’t ever talk down to me especially if you’re wrong!!

Tune of the week – Wiley ft Jodie Conner & J2K – Electric Boogaloo

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Wileys been in search of that number 1 spot for a while now and i think with this track he may just have found that spot. As soon as i first heard the track on Youtube i’ve said that this is going to be the track that gets him the crown. So fingers crossed for him!

Also could somebody tell me why J2K still isnt famous? This guy has been one of the hardest spitters i’ve known since i started listening to Garage and Grime!

War in Jamaica

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I don’t really know what to make of this situation in Jamaica to be honest. It’s a difficult one. Im obviously fully against all crimes and believe he who commits a crime should be brought to justice.

However it looks as though it’s a sort of Robin Hood scenario to the people of Jamaica. It seem’s as though Christopher “Dudus” Coke is clearly doing wrong. However the community are fully backing him. Saying that he has provided them with more than the government ever has. Is this merely a case of someone taking from the rich and giving to the poor? Someone who is offering a community protection and support from the dangers of every day life?

When I saw the news clips yesterday I saw not just one or two people, or even a gang of people… I saw massives of people. Women, Men and Children all fully supporting one of “The worlds most dangerous” criminals.


My heart goes out to the families of the deceased out in J-A and I hope that this situation managed to sort itself out before any more lives are lost. It’s a shame to see this happening.

Tesco Clubcard for Blackberry

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Admittedly i shouldnt have got as excited as i did about this… BUT IT’S A TESCO CLUBCARD FOR YOUR BLACKBERRY!!!

You know im stealing all of Mumzie’s clubcard points now!!

Find out more


Summer Favourites

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So the sunshine’s finally blessed the UK and everyone’s going crazy for Barbecues, Vests, Shorts, Swimming and Cycling!!

So while the sun’s out I feel it’s only fare to share with you all my favourite summertime things:-

Drink – Pineapple KA


There is nothing better than chilling on a hot day with a ice cold can of Pineapple KA.

Food – Watermelon


Give me 25 Watermelons and I’ll just sit with a spoon and munch away all day. Easily the greatest summer food’s of all time. Forget a hot meal, infact forget any type of meal just pass me a watermelon and Im in the zone!

Creps – Nike Air Presto      


I haven’t had a pair of these for a while but definitely need to restock for the summer. It was definitely a toss up between these and rifts but rifts always leave your foot sweating. So i opt for the presto’s to leave my food nice and cool.

Tune – Lonyo – summer of Love


Whenever Im driving in the summer this tune has got to be pumping. Preferably on repeat however there are a couple of other tune’s that may get a little airtime as the sun beams down.

Activity – Jet Skiing


Im still yet to purchase my own Jet Ski but the summers I did spend on the lakes and the beach with a Jet Ski were my most memorable ones. Nothing like the rush of flying around an open lake or pounding through the sea waves on a Jet Ski.

Shades – Aviators


I like some of the other designs but they don’t do my head any favours. Aviators fit nicely and have the effect that I seek.

Fragrance – Davidoff ‘Cool Water’


There is no better scent for the summer. I will literally be swimming in the stuff before I leave my house. It’s definitely a summertime must have.