No way Jose…

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So Jose Mourinho has once again managed to get himself to the top of the food chain. King Jose the footballing mastermind has got his Champions League Winners title to add to his ever growing list of football triumphs!

Now he’s off to Real Madrid by the looks of things to probably do it all over again. To put Jose Mourinho in charge of a team with pretty much limitless funding is going to be devastating to any club competing against him. With the relationships he’s built over the years with some of the world’s top stars who wouldn’t want to go and join him as he creates an elite squad once again. He could have any player he wanted I don’t think there are many that would or could say no.


The guy has offered himself to any English team. He’s just waiting for an offer. I for one would definitely give up Arsene (No trophies) Wenger for the chance to be managed by he who is clearly one of the…If not THE WORLDS GREATEST MANAGER!!

It wont be long until he’s managing internationally and literally taking over the world.


Shakira – Waka Waka

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So it seems that Shakira (One of the hottest women in the world) has brought out her own Summer Skanks for the World Cup 2010!!


To be fair as its soo commercial I expected it to be shabby and bait. Some simplistic and wasted routine for children to jump on board. However the dance isn’t too bad to be fair. It looks catchy and I can see everyone jumping on board the more commercial it gets. So Im looking forward to seeing more of the ‘Waka Waka’ this summer and I cant wait for a funky house remix to go with it.

However I’ll be watching Shakira do the dance rather than attempting it myself.

GET CNECTED – I-phone to Blackberry free Messenger

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For the millions of people that have begged for someone to bring out a cross messenger for I-phones and Blackberry’s one has finally arrived… forget Whatsapp as that charges you for doing this and to be fair the lay out is terrible on the Blackberry.

So this week I got my hands on an application called CNECTD

“cnectd(“,) is a mobile messaging & social networking application that lets you chat across iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia devices. Chat, share images, locations and connect to facebook!”

I love it and im trying to spread the message so we can all get talking on this. So download this App straight away and lets all get CNECTD

Download Instructions
Please visit from your supported mobile phone’s internet browser

Ben Mitchell Puncccched outttttt (Tempa T Remix)….

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To be honest im fully against parent’s hitting their children. There should be no need for it if you have discipline and respect in their upbringing. BUT for this little sh*t i will make an exeption!!

I’ve had this video on repeat since the moment it happened last night…

Pointless insect of my life…

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Im struggling to understand the purpose and reason for the existence of MOTHS!! I don’t fear much in life. I have a fear of heights and MOTHS!!! I don’t know why I fear moths soo much I think it’s due to them being absolutely stupid tiny creature’s that fly at you rather than away from you!!

What annoys me the most about them is that they always seem to appear when you’re already in bed. When you have limited movement and when you’re at your cosy-iest point!! It’s the most annoying thing in the world. Then you want it out of your room but it doesn’t want to stop flapping it’s bloody wings so you can catch it. You can’t turn the light out in your room as you can’t see where it goes but when the lights on it just keeps flapping away.

Most annoying and unnecessary insect in the existence of mankind!!


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Outnumbered is by far one of the funniest programmes I’ve ever seen in my life.

I didn’t think I’d like it… well I was determined not to like it as it was brought to my attention by a Miss A J Randell who like’s to think that she is the founder of anything cool in my life at the moment. So reluctantly I tuned into BBC I-player and watched a episode.

From the get go I was hooked on two of the funniest little kids in the world (sounds soo wrong I know…let me rephrase) I was hooked on the comical values of two of the funniest kids in the world. (Much better)!! The programme is fully hilarious and a must see for anyone who hasn’t tuned in already. I watched the whole of the 3rd series on I-player and im about to go in search of a box set for the previous 2 series’.

Good work Mr BBC !!!

Groan of the Week

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Whenever the cupboards are bare at home why do you always manage to find a tin of soup?

Let me explain why… because nobody like’s soup. Soup is a food which should be eaten only when Ill as it’s one of them easy to handle food’s and doesn’t put too much on a poorly stomach. Soup is a food that you don’t need to chew and can warm you up on a cold day when your feeling ill.
For these reason’s I don’t believe that soup should ever be purchased. As it only sit’s in the cupboard until one day when there is nothing there apart from soup, a poor worker like myself turn’s to all that is left in the cupboard. SOUP!!

So now I have the most depressing lunch of my life. Tomato Soup…which for all your information taste’s like Baked Bean juice without the Baked Beans!! This situation is actually depressing the f*^& out of me. So I will stop with this rant now.

Please world….find a way of deleting soup from my life!!!