No way Jose…


So Jose Mourinho has once again managed to get himself to the top of the food chain. King Jose the footballing mastermind has got his Champions League Winners title to add to his ever growing list of football triumphs!

Now he’s off to Real Madrid by the looks of things to probably do it all over again. To put Jose Mourinho in charge of a team with pretty much limitless funding is going to be devastating to any club competing against him. With the relationships he’s built over the years with some of the world’s top stars who wouldn’t want to go and join him as he creates an elite squad once again. He could have any player he wanted I don’t think there are many that would or could say no.


The guy has offered himself to any English team. He’s just waiting for an offer. I for one would definitely give up Arsene (No trophies) Wenger for the chance to be managed by he who is clearly one of the…If not THE WORLDS GREATEST MANAGER!!

It wont be long until he’s managing internationally and literally taking over the world.


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