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Summer Favourites

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So the sunshine’s finally blessed the UK and everyone’s going crazy for Barbecues, Vests, Shorts, Swimming and Cycling!!

So while the sun’s out I feel it’s only fare to share with you all my favourite summertime things:-

Drink – Pineapple KA


There is nothing better than chilling on a hot day with a ice cold can of Pineapple KA.

Food – Watermelon


Give me 25 Watermelons and I’ll just sit with a spoon and munch away all day. Easily the greatest summer food’s of all time. Forget a hot meal, infact forget any type of meal just pass me a watermelon and Im in the zone!

Creps – Nike Air Presto      


I haven’t had a pair of these for a while but definitely need to restock for the summer. It was definitely a toss up between these and rifts but rifts always leave your foot sweating. So i opt for the presto’s to leave my food nice and cool.

Tune – Lonyo – summer of Love


Whenever Im driving in the summer this tune has got to be pumping. Preferably on repeat however there are a couple of other tune’s that may get a little airtime as the sun beams down.

Activity – Jet Skiing


Im still yet to purchase my own Jet Ski but the summers I did spend on the lakes and the beach with a Jet Ski were my most memorable ones. Nothing like the rush of flying around an open lake or pounding through the sea waves on a Jet Ski.

Shades – Aviators


I like some of the other designs but they don’t do my head any favours. Aviators fit nicely and have the effect that I seek.

Fragrance – Davidoff ‘Cool Water’


There is no better scent for the summer. I will literally be swimming in the stuff before I leave my house. It’s definitely a summertime must have.