GET CNECTED – I-phone to Blackberry free Messenger


For the millions of people that have begged for someone to bring out a cross messenger for I-phones and Blackberry’s one has finally arrived… forget Whatsapp as that charges you for doing this and to be fair the lay out is terrible on the Blackberry.

So this week I got my hands on an application called CNECTD

“cnectd(“,) is a mobile messaging & social networking application that lets you chat across iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia devices. Chat, share images, locations and connect to facebook!”

I love it and im trying to spread the message so we can all get talking on this. So download this App straight away and lets all get CNECTD

Download Instructions
Please visit from your supported mobile phone’s internet browser

2 Responses to “GET CNECTED – I-phone to Blackberry free Messenger”

  1. I can’t download this for my blackberry 9700. Please tell me is there another link or something to help me get cnected?

    • I’ve had a look around but havent been able to find one. However if you have a look around google im sure there will be a fresh download link for you somewhere.

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