Pointless insect of my life…


Im struggling to understand the purpose and reason for the existence of MOTHS!! I don’t fear much in life. I have a fear of heights and MOTHS!!! I don’t know why I fear moths soo much I think it’s due to them being absolutely stupid tiny creature’s that fly at you rather than away from you!!

What annoys me the most about them is that they always seem to appear when you’re already in bed. When you have limited movement and when you’re at your cosy-iest point!! It’s the most annoying thing in the world. Then you want it out of your room but it doesn’t want to stop flapping it’s bloody wings so you can catch it. You can’t turn the light out in your room as you can’t see where it goes but when the lights on it just keeps flapping away.

Most annoying and unnecessary insect in the existence of mankind!!


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