Review – Junior Apprentice wk 2



This seems to be getting more and more entertaining every week. However the fact I want to see these children grilled by Alan Sugar, torn apart and spat back out on to the street’s is pretty bad. But this is what makes the Apprentice as good as it is, the fact that there’s no holding back. A serious look into the ruthlessness of the business world.

This week once again I was blown away by the business skills of Zoe Plummer. Herself and Tim Ankers are definitely my two hot favourites for the crown. Tim because he has great idea’s and enthusiasm and Zoe because she is ruthless, A serious cut throat competitor who puts herself and her business needs before anything else in life. This is why she will turn out to be very successful in later life.



Last night however was a night spent laughing at the failed attempts of Adam Eliaz. He did his best I’ll give him his due but his management of his team, product choice and his desperate attempts to stay on the show were the highlight of my evening. How you managed to stay in Adam I will never know. Not only did you terrorise yourself throughout your task but you took two of your biggest competitors in the team back to the board room. Not sure how you pulled it off but congrats.

Quote of the Night – Adam Eliaz – “I meant I’ve been camping twice a year last year”

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