Outnumbered is by far one of the funniest programmes I’ve ever seen in my life.

I didn’t think I’d like it… well I was determined not to like it as it was brought to my attention by a Miss A J Randell who like’s to think that she is the founder of anything cool in my life at the moment. So reluctantly I tuned into BBC I-player and watched a episode.

From the get go I was hooked on two of the funniest little kids in the world (sounds soo wrong I know…let me rephrase) I was hooked on the comical values of two of the funniest kids in the world. (Much better)!! The programme is fully hilarious and a must see for anyone who hasn’t tuned in already. I watched the whole of the 3rd series on I-player and im about to go in search of a box set for the previous 2 series’.

Good work Mr BBC !!!


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