Groan of the Week


Whenever the cupboards are bare at home why do you always manage to find a tin of soup?

Let me explain why… because nobody like’s soup. Soup is a food which should be eaten only when Ill as it’s one of them easy to handle food’s and doesn’t put too much on a poorly stomach. Soup is a food that you don’t need to chew and can warm you up on a cold day when your feeling ill.
For these reason’s I don’t believe that soup should ever be purchased. As it only sit’s in the cupboard until one day when there is nothing there apart from soup, a poor worker like myself turn’s to all that is left in the cupboard. SOUP!!

So now I have the most depressing lunch of my life. Tomato Soup…which for all your information taste’s like Baked Bean juice without the Baked Beans!! This situation is actually depressing the f*^& out of me. So I will stop with this rant now.

Please world….find a way of deleting soup from my life!!!


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