No babe you look pretty… pretty big?!?

Over the 25 years I have graced this planet and I have learnt a few survival skills

  1. Learn how to cook – You will always eat
  2. Eat Fruit and Veg – You will stay healthy
  3. Listen and be willing to Learn – Knowledge is Power
  4. Don’t play with Fire – You will get burnt
  5. Don’t tell a girl she’s Fat or Overweight – You WILL DIE!!


We were having a conversation at the barbers yesterday about point number 5. One of the guys in there said “I tell my wife if she’s putting on weight and I tell her if she’s eating too much”

Now before I get into this let me stress a few points.

  • I have no issue with fat or overweight girls.
  • I have never been with one but who know’s what the future holds.
  • Don’t take this post personally or try attacking me
  • This is a general discussion nobody is being targeted
  • Any other issue’s contact me on


So anyways. I said to the guy who made the comment that he’s crazy. You never ever tell your partner that they look fat or overweight. Even if they clearly are. It’s not what they want to hear. As much as they will lie and say they want to know the truth…they don’t want to hear it. They want to hear “No babe you look beautiful like you always do” not “yeah you look fat and you know it. Why you asking me for are you calling the mirror a liar?”  

Anyone who calls their partner fat is in for at least a few days of screw face, no food, probably no chat and don’t worry about bedroom antics because you’ll be on the sofa. Why would you want to create that sort of madness? Live the easy life and tell them what they want to hear. That’s the safest bet.

The more I write this post the more I think Im digging myself a deeper hole and however Im hoping my readers understand. Im not trying to start any fights Im just stating genuine facts. If a guy drops his trousers and says “does this look big to you” a woman’s not going to say “It’s nice…but could be a little bigger” unless she’s already sleeping with the milkman or won the lottery and isn’t willing to share.


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