Groan of the Week pt 1


Groan of the Week PT 1


Fake YouTube Video’s!!

Yesterday on Twitter, Facebook and on a lot of blog’s I saw an awful lot of hype about Drakes new Video. Positive’s and negatives were flying about and I felt the need to take a closer look so I could put my opinion out there.

Now obviously with no idea what the video looks like you type into YouTube ‘Drake – Find you’re Love official video’ four video’s came up instantly. So I clicked on Video one (Remember these are ‘Official’ video’s Im clicking on) Some Chinese dude stood in his room on Webcam singing his version of a Drake song???

So I click off and click on video number two. This is a badly done remix of one of Drakes tunes. Like VERY badly done. The words don’t match the beat and now Im beginning to get wound up.

Video 3 looked like it could be the one. I sit and listen for a while to some guy rapping away. About a minute and a half into the track I realised that this weren’t Drake. Infact it turned out that it was some random guy who had nothing to do with Drake. Probably didn’t even know who Drake was singing something that was in no way Drake related.

So I clicked on the final video. The video was deep and dark. I was completely taken in by it. Really enjoyed it and the music was dark and mysterious. Cool. Then I thought to myself… I didn’t hear any lyrics so I listened back again. WAIT A MINUTE… THIS ISNT DRAKE? THIS IS JUST ANOTHER RANDOM MUSIC VIDEO!!

So I officially gave up. F*ck YouTube and F*ck my Life!!!

P.S if anyone does have the actual link for the video please copy it into the comments section below this so I can have a browse. Cheers all!


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