Groan of the Week pt 2


Groan of the Week pt 2


The SUGGESTED friends button on Facebook!


How can you SUGGEST that I become friends with someone? You wouldn’t do that to me on the street would you? Walk up with one of your friends and say ‘Jay I suggest you become friends with my mate’ like Im going to turn around and say ‘Yes, I think that’s a great idea. Hi friend my name is Jay’

Im a grown man and Im very good at friend choosing thank you very much. I don’t need a sidekick to pick friends for me. So I think this button should be removed. The only people I could imagine using it is 10 year old girls who think they have really become friends with the ‘Real’ Peter Andre on Facebook and want their friends to be friends with him too. Not grown folk who want me to become friends with someone I’ve never seen in my life and will sit on my friends list gathering dust.


If me and YOUR friend want to become friend’s Im sure we’ll find a way. Otherwise leave me be and save your SUGGESTED friends requests for somebody who could make better use of them. Like the neighbour’s cat or your virgin of a brother that collect’s stamps and looks for glitches in video games.

Next time you want to SUGGEST a friend for me I SUGGEST you jump infront of a large coach before doing so. (Don’t actually try this please)


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