England Squad to be Picked today…

Today the 30 man England squad is set to be named. This is where I start to get World Cup fever and excited as once again like every other England fan I start to believe we actually have a chance again this year. Despite living through let down after let down I still believe we are strong enough to do it.


Im not going to go into who I think should make the 30 man squad as that would be long. However YES I am one of many who believe that Beckham should be taken along if he can hobble to boost team moral and belief.

Anyway we won’t get too into that… here’s my starting 11 for the world cup. I’d play a 4-3-3 formation as were a very good attacking team.

GK – David James – Every keeper has their howlers. However keepers are always remembered for their howlers and not the saves they make. David James is a great experienced keeper. He hasn’t been at the best of clubs this season however has still put in dedicated performances week in week out. He’s very good at keeping the defence in check too.

LB – Ashley Cole – Complete no brainer really. As much as I should dislike him being an Arsenal fan he’s head and shoulders above any other English left back. Wayne Bridge is average and he’s our backup. Says it all!!

CB – John Terry – Captained Chelsea to the Premier League crown. Also had the world against him over the Wayne Bridge incident but brushed it aside and soldiered on. You have to admire someone that dedicated to football. Definitely earns his place in the squad.

CB – Rio Ferdinand – To me probably one of the Premier Leagues top centre backs. Very calm and in control defensively. I think Ferdinand will shine in the World Cup.

RB – Micah Richards – Being an Arsenal fan I like defenders that aren’t afraid to burst forward. Micah hasn’t had the best of season’s however I think he’d relish in the opportunity to run at some of the world’s greatest defenders. He’s also very strong and good in the air. I think a lot of defences would be worried if we had a corner and had Micah and Terry going forward.


CM – Steven Gerrard – Another no Brainer. There are only about 4 players which HAVE to be in the squad and Gerrard is another one of them. After having such a bad season in the Premiership I think Gerrard will have a lot to prove at the World Cup. His determination and drive could be the difference for us in tough games.

CM – Frank Lampard – Why do I hate this guy? Because he looks fat and lazy and he’s one of them annoying guy’s that always manages to get his name on the score sheet? Well who knows but his stats talk for themselves and this guy has a lot of goals under his belt. So thumbs up for Frank.

CM – Michael Carrick – Another one of those players you love to hate. However he’s been a great link up player for United this season and he also links up with Rooney very well. So he’s definitely a player that I’d like in my squad. Plus he’s not afraid of a tackle of two.

AMR – Shaun Wright Phillips – In my mind doesn’t get enough props for what he does. This guy is one of our quickest players in the squad but he also has a slight sense of direction and can also create and score goals. If Joe Cole got more game time this season then this decision would have been a lot harder but for me at the moment Wright Phillips should own this position.

AML – James Millner – I think he’s a good player. Very Strong, determined and creative. I think he’ll create a lot of goals for us if given the opportunity. A lot of people think that Ashley Young should own this position but I don’t think he’s consistent enough. James Millner plays with his heart on his sleeve and that’s something we need in the World Cup.


ST – Wayne Rooney – I don’t really have to explain this one. His goals and performances speak for themselves. I hope he can carry us through and don’t doubt for one second he’ll be one of the World Cups top goal scorers.

Other players to consider

Peter Crouch – His England stat’s speak louder than anyone’s. I don’t see how he could even be doubted. In a 4-4-2 he has to play.

Jamie Carragher – Another Liverpool player with a lot to prove. Don’t think he’d struggle slotting in at centre back.

Joe Cole – A great player with a lot to offer. Has missed a lot of the season but should definitely be on the plane. Could make a big difference in South Africa.

Jermaine Defoe – For someone soo small he makes such a big difference in games. A lot of goals to his name and often finds himself in great positions.

Other players to reconsider

Theo Walcott – Wouldn’t mind if he missed the plane. Not a lot to offer anymore. He’s fast yes but against the experience we will face at some point in the World Cup he won’t stand a chance. Prone to being kicked around like a ragdoll I think he’s just taking up space on the plane.

Aaron Lennon – He’s kind of annoying. Very fast but never seems to know where he’s running to. Perhaps would be better off as a sprinter in athletics than a footballer. Final ball is shocking a lot of the time.

Emile Hesky – I don’t even know why this guy exists. Probably one of the most annoying footballers in the world. Big, Fat and Lazy! Plus he doesn’t even score goals. Point of his existence?


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