Okily Dokily I wan to get fit for the summer. Who doesn’t want to walk the streets with their vests looking like their struggling to hold your chest in? Arm’s looking like their about to burst and your back looking broader than P-Diddies ego? Okay obvious answer is women but for most men it’s definitely what they picture when you talk Summer time.

So I need to work out.

Now I’ve tried the gym but I get bored. I need to be outside lapping up the bit of Sunshine that we get in the UK and taking advantage of the skies staying blue till about 9-10pm now. Jogging hurts my back and my knee’s so I can’t be bothered with that plus that don’t really get me cut or help build my muscles.

So when I thought all else had failed me I turned to YouTube (as you do) and found the Bar Breakers. They basically go to local (Yes Oxford!!) parks and work out using pretty much anything they can find and work out on it. So Im inspired. I live with a park at the back of my garden and it’s perfect for this kind of working out. So Im going to get working out round there and when I get good (if I don’t break my neck prior to this and when I’ve lost about 6 stone!!) I will upload some videos of me in action.

Check out the Bar Breakers Website below


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