The other day I was driving and had Mum in the car with me and I randomly saluted. She asked who id seen as she thought I was waving at someone but I told her I’d seen a magpie and that I always salute them when I see them. As I believe it’s bad luck to see one magpie.

So Mum went off on her Magpie rhyme about you have to say “Good morning Mr Magpie…” etc. We both had a laugh at the situation but then it got me thinking about how superstitious I really am. I mean if a ‘Non’ superstitious person spent the day with me they would think I was bonkers as Im always saluting magpies, dodging three drains, swaying out of the way of ladders and adjusting the volume on things so it’s on an even number.

I think id probably hide in a box for 7 years if I ever broke a mirror!! I don’t know why Im soo superstitious. Where did all these superstitions come from and is there any truth behind any of them? Did anyone ever win the lottery following a bird sh***ing on their head or has anyone ever been hit by a bus after walking under a ladder?

My dog when he was younger ran into my kitchen with a dead Magpie in his mouth. I was actually shook I thought the dog might die there and then. However we’ve never had any problems and the dogs still fine. So I think it’s all a load of rubbish!

However Im still going to continue saluting and jumping cracks on the pavement!! Haha!!


One Response to “Superstitious?”

  1. For those of you that are interested…
    Superstition would have it that magpies were the only birds not to sing and comfort Christ on the cross, therefore they are cursed to be omens of bad luck and impending death. Being polite to a magpie is supposed to ward off the evil.

    In China they are considered lucky birds though.

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