R.I.P Blayne Ridgeway 08/05/2010

“If tears could build a stairway

And memories a lane

We’d all walk right up to Heaven

And bring you home again”


Once again a life has been taken from another youngster.

 Blayne grew up in my area and Im not going to sit here and claim we were best friends and spent everyday together because we weren’t. However if we saw each other we’d say “alright, you cool?” like most people that knew him. He tended to keep himself to himself from what I knew and had a youngster of his own . So it’s a shame to see another life go down the drain for no good reason at all. I hope that the youngster that did this to him has many years behind bars to reflect on his actions.


My thoughts go out to his family and friends.



Blayne Ridgeway


2 Responses to “R.I.P Blayne Ridgeway 08/05/2010”

  1. As a mother myself my heart has to go out to both mothers. To lose a child is a position I would never want to be in but to know your child has murdered someone, how can you come to terms with that?

  2. Jellybaby Says:

    Yes but her son is still taking a breath…..he will be allowed to watch the tv, play computer games etc and will one day get the chance to marry, have chilldren and live a normal life. Blayne has been taken and his family and friends will never, ever get over it. What was a 16 yr old doing out at 3am in the morning carrying a knife anyway? Hold the mother resposible i say…….

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