Jay and Hunnies Adventures

Yesterday me and my little princess Hunnie decided we would go for a walk and see the ducks. (Well I did the thinking…she’s only 6 months so she doesn’t say much) She we wrapped up and headed towards the river.

If you don’t have a child already you’ll realise when you do have one that there is nothing more satisfying than spending time with your child. Watching your child grow and being the reason that she laughs and smiles everyday is priceless. So this is something that I like to take advantage of. Any opportunity that I have to just chill with my baby girl I jump on.  

Now she’s at the stage where she seem’s to take a lot in. She laughed and joked as the cyclists rode by, the rowers glided downstream and the dog walkers strolled on. She’s a fan of dog’s… she seem’s to be fearlessly fascinated by them.

Anyways we managed to find a fish that seemed to have lost his way.. Poor thing….


A little further downstream and we came across this curious duck. Hunnie couldn’t stop laughing at it and I ended up having to follow it to keep her happy. Anyone else along the bank must have thought I was a tad strange chasing a duck around however it was fun times. So were already planning our next adventure. 



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