Stress and Heart Disease

“Stress at work raises the risk of heart disease for women under 50, a study of more than 12,000 nurses suggests” BBC News

Im not being funny or trying to start an all out war on my blog, but surely men have to put up with a lot more stress than women? We don’t get any research done. Heart disease is a minor compared to the amount of men that actually loose their lives due to stress related issues.
Not only do we deal with the stress of work but we also have to go home to our partners and deal with the stress which follows ‘Not putting the toilet seat down’ and ‘Not rinsing the shower after using it’, the gas bill not being paid on time and also not being home in time for dinner.

This is then followed by death threats for ‘not responding to a text message’ or buying a Nuts magazine when “That time of the month” comes around.

So ladies stop moaning about it and get on with it. Our lives are a lot more stressful than yours so NER!!


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