My Par of the week this week happened during my time at Thorpe Park.

Okay so Im a fan of scary rides that get your adrenaline pumping and turn your body inside out. I went there with the thoughts of getting on every ride there and having a great time. This pretty much happened and I definitely weren’t going to let anything get me down.


I stood through rain, sleet and snow to get on rides. I battled through arguments, hunger and the the excruciating pain that comes with having to hold on to a Wee whilst in the queue for a ride, going on the ride and sprinting to the nearest toilet. NOTHING WAS GOING TO BREAK ME!!!


There is one ride at Thorpe Park that I always look at but manage to pull a fast one before getting dragged on it. The ride serves no purpose in my life and makes no sense at all. This ride is called RUSH!! It’s a ride where you are only strapped in around the waist. You have no restraints on your upper body whatsoever. The ride swings forwards and backwards to the point where you’re pretty much upside down with nothing to hold onto!! This ride was clearly not very well thought through and definitely breaks all health and safety laws!!


Anyways for some DUMB reason I ended up in the que next to get on the ride. The gates opened I jumped on my seat and said nothing. I just stared blankly into space. I think everyone in the que could see I was only there as I was with a group of girls and didn’t want to look like a mug. My stomach, heart and head were all telling me no but I kept telling myself “It can’t be that bad”. The ride began!! It swung once… I was nervous, it swung TWIIIIICE and by this point I was literally in tears


THE RIDE EMERGENCY STOPS!! I actually would rather have swung off the ride backwards to my death. WHAT THE HELL!!! Some smart WASTEMAN of a yout had his phone out recording himself on the ride. Panic stations then…I wanted off the ride…yanking at the restraints as the ride operator forced the kid to delete the video. I couldn’t get out. I was literally trembling for a good hour after this. How could anyone do this to a poor guy like me? There must be rules against emergency stopping these things and not letting people get off.

The End!!


One Response to “PAR OF THE WEEK”

  1. Paddy King Says:

    That’s a strong par!!

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