Biscuit ting, Biscuit ting..Man are onna Biscuit ting!

Belvita Breakfast Biscuits Milk & Cereal


I don’t usually hype and shout about the food that I eat. However the other morning I was rushing to get ready for work and just as I was running out the door noticed some biscuits on the side. So I grabbed a pack and headed out the door.

Once settled on the bus curiosity got the better of me and I grabbed them and started munching. They tasted like Malted Milks with oats on top. I was brought up on Malted Milks so for me this was heaven.


Apparently these were Breakfast Biscuits containing Milk and Cereal all in one small biscuit. Which is definitely a great way to wake up on a morning and they go well with a cup of tea.

So go grab a pack from Sainsbury’s as soon as possible because I will be grabbing as many boxes as possible next time Im about. You wouldn’t want to miss out would you?


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