General Election 2010

Okay Im not sure if I would be classed as Dumb, Naive, Narrow minded or just plain stupid. However the UK’s General Election is tomorrow and I don’t have the foggiest idea what all the fuss is about!! We’ll I understand what it all means…it’s the; who to vote for? Bit that is confusing me.

I’ve searched high and low online for something simple and readable where I can see what the different parties are offering and promising however it’s all confusing and written in such a complicated format. I just want quotes and examples on one page so I can look through and pick someone to vote for.

We all know that most of what is promised will never happen. A lot of it is just saying what we (the people) want to hear. Once the election is won a large part of what was promised is disregarded and never mentioned again.

However I found a group on Facebook called ‘UK General Election 2010 for Dummies” It’s full of interesting facts and a complete breakdown for anyone who like myself… Doesn’t have a clue what the hype is about.

I have attached the link to the group below for anyone who would like a quick browse before tomorrow’s election!

Facebook Group


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