Ride Review – Saw Alive



So this weekend with it being bank holiday i felt the need to make the most of it. So i reluctantly withdrew myself from my sheet’s early Monday morning to go and conquer the new ride at Thorpe Park ‘Saw Alive’.

Upon arrival the weather looked like it was about to Par me however i didnt let this get in the way of my plans and headed straight for the queue. A 45 minute wait didnt seem too bad at all so i jumped into the queue ignoring the dude offering fast track tickets as im ‘Too Tight’. When i got to the front of the cue guess what decided to show it’s face in my life… My Nerves!! I now found myself at the front of a queue for a ride i was actually pretty worried about going on. Not only that but as i approached the building the guy waiting to greet me looked like a scary kid from a horror film! He weren’t even dressed up though!!


The building itself looks like an abandoned shack. Placed on water there was clearly one way in… and one way out! Despite two ladies sprinting back out of the exit’s looking extremely shaken up by what they had just seen. Bad times. So i got to the door and my heart was pounding. The host explained that the actors inside were allowed to touch you however you were not allowed to touch them and if you did you’d be removed from the park. Then he explained that everyone had to hold the person infront’s shoulders. Guess who was at the front? So it was me leading this rather large conga line of people through this eerie maze. GREAT!!

We walked into the first room and was greeted by the weird clown on the bike. He weren’t real just a statue to pose with while you had your pic taken. I was PARA!! I was watching every corner in every room and cancelling out every potential place a person could be hidden one by one. Nothing happens in the first room so i breathed a sigh of relief before heading on.


Next room there was a dude covered in blood, pale faced with ripped clothes. He weren’t scary looking…however the fact that he just cut off any route i had to get out of the room kind of worried me. I moved left and he stepped in my way…i moved right and he did the same. Simple plan would be to run past… however you have a group of people holding onto you. So you cant run ANYWHERE!! Finally i manoeuvred my way around him and went through to the next room.

Dont hate me if i miss parts out as through most of the ride i was clocking the exit and moving VERY quickly towards it without really taking in what was around me. The next part i remember had a partly closed gate in it. I could hear some strange electrical sounds but the only person i could see was behind a fence. She looked disturbed just staring at me. I reached for the gate to move it open and it vibrated. I leapt off my feet and into the arms of the person behind me. That was the last thing i expected. Once I’d composed myself we continued our journey.

Next room had a strange woman hanging by her hands in some sort of freezer room. There was a body also hanging by it’s feet. The body hanging my it’s feed didnt seem human. However the woman swinging from the rope did. I managed to skip through this room before finding out what she actually did.

The next room had some dude crouched in a corner grabbing everyone’s ankles. I dont think i was supposed to spot him but i did and he hadn’t spotted me yet. Then came a problem. I was trying to decide what to do but the rest of the team were still in the other room. In a panic they tried to push forward jolting me into the room and straight into the dude’s hand. I panicked but had to refrain from kicking out or screaming from my mum. So i made a run for the door.
The final room was pretty boring. Some random dude running about and two guns rotating making a firing sound. At this point i was soooooo worn out from the whole thing i couldn’t have cared less. I just wanted out of the building. I got out and my heart continued to pound away. I had the shakes for a good 20 minutes. It’s not the fear of the actors soo much or what’s inside. Just the fact that there’s soo many dark corners for people to jump out of and the scene inside is very believable.

However it’s a must for everyone to try. You’ll definitely enjoy the thrill of it and it’s definitely something to add to your bucket list.


One Response to “Ride Review – Saw Alive”

  1. i think saw alive was A-MAZE-INGGGGG ! haha i went on it with my friends amy jessie and hope i think it could have been better if it was really like a maze tho apart from that it was pretty good ;D

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