Women… Why the big bag?


So as posted below Women never be able to find their phones when it rings. Theirs not many girls I can call who will pick up first time if their out and about. Why is this I hear you asking?


They seem to be all the rage at the moment and the amount of shart that is carried inside them is amazing. It looks like my Kit bag for Football which I can fit 3 Pairs of Football Boots, 2 Towel’s, My Kit and my Warm up Kit inside!! So what do women fill these bags with? It would be possible to fit half their wardrobes and most of the Kitchen inside.

It’s quite entertaining watching women searching for their phones in these bags as they seem to climb inside them. They should get one of them minor’s headlamps and conduct a full scale search. Employ sniffer dogs and a group of detectives that can just hand around her incase an important call comes through.

Not cool and definitely not needed!!!


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