Okay so Blackberry have now released this… The IMPULSE. It’s retailing at well over $100 at the moment. It basically connects to your Blackberry via Bluetooth and when your phone rings, receives an SMS, Email or a Calendar Reminder it will flash up on your watch so you can see who’s calling before you go in search of your phone.

What a great idea right?

Here’s my take on it though.

It’s only ever Women who can’t find their phones. You’ll find out why in my next post. However Blackberry have created a very manly looking watch. (This must be pretty annoying for Women who actually need this gadget in their life).

So in conclusion…. If you receive a Call, SMS or a Calendar Reminder stop being soo f’cking lazy and put your phone in your pocket and pull it out to see who’s contacting you. What sort of stupid, lazy no good for nothing piece of contraption is this? How about you sort out the Blackberry Facebook app rather than wasting my time and life on these ridiculous little GADGETS!!
That is all.




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