Chery Cole – Worlds Greatest? NAH NEVER DAT!!

Okay so following reports that spread across the news yesterday Cheryl Cole is the Sexiest Woman in the World!!


Don’t do what I did and throw your dog at your monitor, elbow drop the neighbour’s child or drive your car into a brick wall as I found the logic.

1. This result came from FHM Magazine – I’ve found that this magazine is for those that have a bit more money than Nuts magazine readers. However are too embarrassed to buy themselves a Playboy magazine. So this small section of people who would like to spend £3.95 on a magazine just so they can say to their wives “It’s not a dirty magazine look it has fashion in it too” were the ones who voted.

2. This vote I’m guessing was done via phone or online. By people who care soo much that they would waste their time and money on this vote. The sort of people that will walk around with Cheryl Cole as their screensaver on their phones. The sort of guys that will go to a Cheryl Cole concert or have a picture of Cheryl Cole on their desk at work.

3. Cheryl Cole has been the most in your face female celebrity over the past two years. The Ashley Cole saga, X-Factor and her work with Will-I-Am have had her all over our TV Screens. Wherever you turn your going to see her so she would always spring to mind when people are talking about ‘Good looking’ women.

4. If I said the names Marisa Miller, Keeley Hazel or Kristen Stewart to you would you even know who they were without Googling them? A lot of the women in the charts are unknown to most people. If they had the same exposure as Cheryl Cole then obviously the stats my change in a huge way. I don’t even know if she’d make the top 10 if these people were in our lives as much as she is.

5. I think it was a fix!

So there you have it boys and girls. I know my friend Mc Stoney will shoot me down for saying this but Cheryl Cole IS NOT the hottest woman in the world. Here’s my top 5 just so my opinion is out there.

Mariah Carey


Noemie Lenoir


Chanelle Hayes


Beyonce Knowles


Danielle Lloyd


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