Skanking Season

How is it that the random guy who wants to show off his dance moves always ends up in my face whenever im out raving. It’s like im the Simon Cowell of every rave and someone wants to try and show me they’ve got moves. Like it’s some sort of competition. If you want to know what im talking about or just don’t quite understand im talking about those that dance like this guy in the video.

One day I’ll shock one of them and pull off some crazy Diversity dance with all the guys around me. But for now I’ll just stand in frustration as ‘The Strange Ones’ find their way in my face.

Maybe their trying to test me to see if I’ll grip them by the Jaw, Kick them till their pelvis shatters then rip their skeleton from inside their bodies like some strange Mortal Kombat finisher. However im not like that at all. I just stand, smile then continue about my business.

So for all you ‘Strange Ones’ keep on skanking…just don’t do it soo close to me!!


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