Gig Review – Chase and Status – The Regal, Oxford

Last night I decided to brave my leg and went to see Chase and Status performing Live at the Regal. I arrived early as I had a meeting with the manager of the Regal so got to watch them doing their last minute preps before the doors were opened.

I wouldn’t say im the biggest Dubstep fan in the world but I am definitely a follower. So as they set up I could see that I was definitely going to be in for a good time. As the doors opened a whole heap of youngsters ran for the front barriers. From the set up I could see that Chase and Status was a pretty big thing but I don’t think I actually realised how big they actually were.


16 Bit were the opening act. They consisted of 2 Dj’s and a Host and they held the crowd well. I was on my own at this point waiting for the rest of the team to arrive and I found myself bubbling away to their selection of Dubstep. There weren’t too many tracks that I recognised however the tracks that they played had me wanting to rush home and delve deeper into the world of Dubstep. As their set came to an end the club seemed pretty packed out. As it was a 14+ event there were a few youngsters around however most of the crowd consisted of students.

The stage crew took to the stage and had the stage set after a brief interval. As soon as Chase and Status took to the stage people seemed to appear from nowhere. A half full dance floor seemed to fill in seconds with people appearing from everywhere.

So the first thing about them that caught my eye was their set up. The lighting and Visualisations on the stage were second to none. On par with that that you would see at Major concerts. Then there was their stage presence. They took to the stage well and obviously it didn’t take a lot to win the crowd over.

They started off with a few of their new tracks. They play a mixture of Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Jungle and Electro. Their new tracks were immediately taken in by the crowd. People were throwing themselves around and in the air. You can find some serious characters in a Dubstep crowd. Haha.

Then they invited a special guest to the stage who most of us would know as TEMMMMMPZ!!! Tempa T took to the stage and performed ‘Next Hype’ over Dubstep. This was emotional! I think most people would say that Tempz’s ‘Next Hype’ is a mad tune. However as he performed over Dubstep it took the track to a whole different zone. Tempz was SERIOUSLY hyped!! Ripping his T-shirt off whilst taking the stage and the crowd by the scruff of the neck then choke slamming it to the ground (NOT physically…Musically)!!! It was crazy!! One of them musical moments that will live with you forever.

From there the pace had been set. Could it get any better than that? Then the true anthems were dropped… Eastern Jam and Heartbeat. The crowd went bananas. Even I was throwing myself against walls, people, wheelchairs, stage fittings and fire exits!! The bass in the place rang through your whole body.

So the experience was an amazing one. I would definitely advise everyone to grab their tickets for the Chase and Status tour as soon as possible. Im going to do my best to get to another one of their gigs before the tour ends. It’s definitely worth every penny you’ll pay for a ticket. Also I’d advise getting to any major event at the Regal as the set up inside is something special.


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