Whats in a name?

Okay so I’ve had enough. I don’t usually… Actually scrap that I don’t EVER tell anyone what my full name is. The only time my real name is ever used is when im applying for Jobs, Driving Licence, Passport or Doctors. But my real name is Jefferson however if you, the average citizen were to attempt to gain my attention by using this name you would be ignored.

So when I went to the hospital the other week I gave across my full name as you do and was directed to the waiting area. I sat there for a couple of hours and dreaded the calling of my name. The reason I dread it is because it was only ever used by my father when I was in trouble. When I heard “JEFFERSON” I knew I had one of two options. Think up a story quick or run! So now when people call it I feel like everything and everyone around me goes silent and everyone just stares at me. It’s pretty spooky however pretty annoying at the same time.

So after 2 hours of waiting the time had finally come when the doctor screams out the name that I dread hearing…..



At no point did I put Jeff on the form so why presume that you can cut my name down for your own convenience. It’s hard enough hearing the name Jefferson shouted however JEFF!! Are you for real? Do I look like a Jeff? Is there a Jeff anywhere in the room? NO!! SO WHY YOU SHOUTING JEFF FOR!!!

Not only did I feel like everyone was looking at me I now felt like they were all whispering “Jeff” under their breaths to one another and that everyone was giggling. I felt to scream back at him “It’s JEFFERSON” however I felt that would only add to the situation. So I slowly hobbled to the doctor’s room and let the world presume that I was infact a JEFF!!!


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