Rep your Ends – East London

I used to be a die hard Eastenders fan. I had it on series link and could tell you the characters and story line right through from start to finish. I knew all the spoilers/rumours and up to date information as soon as it hit the streets. I was fully on point. I could have gone on mastermind and said “My chosen subject is Eastenders”

I used to sit there and wonder why there were never any goons in it though. If you go to East London it’s not all happy and flowers like Albert Square suggests. Every area has a ghetto especially east London. There’s never been anyone on the square selling drugs, never any good raves going on and never and stabbings or shootings.  I know it wouldn’t look good on the TV screen however it is real life and gives us something to relate to. When Gus is the closest to a road yout then you know you’re having problems.

Eastenders obviously cottoned onto this and decided to introduce a new band of “Ghetto Kids”. This is fair enough. However I don’t know where there researches went to research these “Ghetto Kids” but they obviously didn’t research enough in my opinion. This is shown in by the character “Fat Boy”. If I was one of east London’s finest I would be embarrassed by the fact that this guy is now representing what I do. When I watch him I cringe. The scared looking “Chap” seems to be embarrassed to have to say what he says. What’s worse is they even got tap dancing Ben involved with the lingo too.

This has now got me tuning in only if I manage to stumble across it. I won’t go out of my way to watch it anymore. I would go in on the Christian and Syeed story however I can’t see that this post would end up getting incredibly controversial. So im going to leave it here. Eastenders….go find a new research team!!


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