Sweet Surrender


Whilst shopping in MK the other day and blowing the wages that had only just landed in my bank account a came across a shop that sold American food. It was imported so the prices were ridiculous but there was no way I could walk past these.

It’s kind of crazy how both of these were sold in the UK and I know I was hot on both of them. I don’t know how many people out there were the same as me but im sure there were loads of us. So why were they ever taken off the shelves over here?
Same applies to Irn Bru bars. I don’t know where the hell they disappeared too but I want them back. They were the best of all the chew bars and they just vanished from the shelves one day. I thought that Zap ice creams had suffered the same fate however late last year I did manage to hunt them down on an ice cream van!!

So the point of this is me wanting Nerds and Jolly Ranchers back on UK shelves. Im not willing to pay £1.45 for another box of Nerds or £3.50 for a pack of Jolly Ranchers again. SO BRING THEM BACK!!


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