N-Dubz – Bournemouth

I decided to take a trip to Sunny Bournemouth to catch N-Dubz on tour. I’d rambled on about how good they were for around 3-4 months and thought it was only right to go and see them live so I could fully back my words if ever questioned.

The obvious questions crossed my mind as I jumped into the ridiculously long cue full of 10-17 year olds. Can Tulisa actually sing live? Will Dappy jump into the crowd? Is their craziness going to be transferrable from screen to real life? And why are there actually soo many 10-17 year old’s in this damn cue with me?

However thanks to the wonderful O2 I got a priority pass and managed to skip most of the cue anyways. My sweets that I’d stashed were also removed from me on entry. Why this happened I’ll never know however I felt to ramp as my Strawberry Laces and Fizzy Cola bottles were disposed of!

Got inside and I felt like I was early. Concert popped off at around 7pm and I was inside by 7.45 and was greeted by the sounds of Skepta performing. This shocked me that he was on soo early and I was kind of heated about it. Skepta is a big look for a supporting act so why put him on soo early. However he tore down the place and I noticed there were a lot more people my age inside. So I felt a little bit more comfortable. Skepta had the dance floor bubbling everyone screaming his lyrics back at him.


When his set had finished I thought it must be time for N-Dubz as Skepta had just been on. However after a Dubstep interval that only I seemed to be appreciating a group of guys took to the stage that went by the name of the ‘Beat Bullyz’. I was annoyed as most bands wind me up. However these guys were alright. I was kind of bowled over by the fact that they were a band and had a DJ scratching it up on the side. He smashed it!! Also the drummer ripped it. I’m a fan of drummer’s I think I need my own drum kit.


After them some dude called ‘Talay Riley’ reported to the stage. I was like “Who the f’ck is this guy. Any wannabe from the capital” which was very rude and very stupid of me. This guy was the vocalist on a lot of Chipmunks major tracks. He was serious. Absolutely blew the roof off the place. His singing was fully on point and Talay has a huge future ahead of him. If you haven’t heard of him go and Google him now. He was awesome!!!

After Talay’s performance everyone knew what time it was. After a LONG delay of about 50 minutes while some serious Dubstep rang through the O2. (YES I WAS SKANKING OUT ON MY OWN!!) N-Dubz took to the stage. The first thing that I noticed despite her only doing her “Uhhhhh Ahhhhh Uhhhhhhh Ahhhhhh” was that YES Tulisa could actually sing live. When a female can sing live you know your on to a good thing.  Her wing men to her left and her right N-dubz took the stage by storm. They were a lot more professional than I thought they would be and were very good entertainers. They totally embraced the crowd and everyone was totally bubbling from start to finish. The shouts from Dappy letting the crowd know that they aren’t ‘moist’ like JLS will live with me forever. Some of the funniest comments were made on the stage that night and also some great performance. Then Skepta joined the gang to perform their tune together and everyone was in the zone inside. Parents, Kids, Aunties, Uncles it was crazy.

So all in all it was a great show and they definitely only added to the hype and buzz that already surrounds them!!


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