My Top 3 F64’s

Everyone’s been on the F64 hype for a while now and SBTV deserve a huge shout out for pulling it all together. Most of the scene have now laid down their 64’s and it’s been tearing the internet to pieces.

However now the second season has started I think it’s about time I put out my top 3 F64’s for everyone to have a look at and comment on. So here goes…

Professor Green – F64 is absolutely bonkers. I remember seeing Pro Green battling live one time and he turned the battle on it’s head. I don’t know where this guy get’s his inspiration for but this definitely deserves a place in my top 3.

Chipmunk – Chipmunk has definitely made the cross over now. He’s no longer an MC he’s an artist who is definitely in a league of his own. His cockiness gets to me at times however I believe that if you can back it you have the right to be cocky. Chip Diddy Chip has definitely earnt this right.

Wretch 32 – Still not getting as much recognition as I think this guy deserves however once again he shows his wordplay is second to none. Him and Sway have got wordplay on lock totally. Nobody will ever reach there levels.


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