Alphabet Soup – Moan of the week


Okay i guess it’s only fair to have one rant a week that should get airtime on here. This week I’ve bit my lip when it comes to a lot of stuff…. O2, My bus journeys, My Hair, Britain’s got Talent, Ghett’s refusing to Clash P-Money on Risky Roadz and even my crutches have all wound me up however I haven’t said a word. However there’s one thing which keep’s cropping up and it’s got to the point where I’ve felt the need to take time out of my life to rant about it.


 I understand abbreviations don’t get me wrong. I can settle for LOL and maybe even a SMH or I’ll stretch as far as a PMSL!! However when im on my Facebook/Twitter/Myspace or even Blackberry messenger and im overwhelmed with status’ like “I never THORT you would do something like this” or “Just going to see my GAWJUS mate” “Gunna have a LAYZEE day today” Why would you spell a word this day when it clearly uses about the same amount of letters as the original word? Spelling things this way does not make you look cool or hip it actually does the opposite. You look uneducated and young!

I know everyone’s probably rushing through this post and all my previous posts now to see if I’ve done this at any point in my life. Ready to jump on any spelling error’s or misplaced punctuation. Go for it… and enjoy it because to be honest I couldn’t give a dam! I don’t spell as bad as half of you people out there!!

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