Football Focus

So it’s been an interesting week in terms of football so let me just have my say on a few things that have happened in the Footballing world…

Firstly if you tagged me into the above photo on Facebook your waste…

Arsenal lose 3-2 to Wigan and despite leading the game for 70 Minutes.

Arsenal are waste. I have no faith whatsoever in them anymore. Yes we’ve had a good season however we are still a team full of inexperienced youngsters who can’t put together a result when it’s needed. We haven’t beat Chelsea or Man United and we were embarrassed by Lionel Messi in the Champions League. The big occasion is not for us so im not surprised that we have once again blown our title chances.

Arsenal lose to Tottenham

This annoys me as I like Tottenham. They are a good side and whether we beat them or not I never hype about a Tottenham match despite them being “Rivals” of ours. However why the hell do they hype soo much when they beat us? I will never understand how this victory felt for you as im not too sure how it feels to be “Fighting for 4th place” however it looked like it meant a lot to you. Shame your abuse didn’t get through to super Sol though. Mwahahahaha!!

Newcastle are promoted to the Premiership as Champions

DON’T get excited and DON’T hype about it! You will be going straight back down next season as you only have 2 good players that will probably leave in the summer and your NOT good! So shuddup! Fact is your too big a club to be in the championship but your team are rubbish…your going back down!

Inter Milan destroyed Barcelona 3-1

Jose Mourinho aka Jose “David Blane” Mourinho does it again. If anyone is going to question me when I say this guy is a miracle worker may aswell save their breath. This guy works madness and if Liverpool or Manchester City don’t bring him back to England in the summer then the worlds gone bananas.

That’s all I have to say on Football at the moment. Im looking forward to the world cup though. Good times!


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