Embarrassing Bodies

Right so if you’re anything like myself then these words will probably make your stomach flip backwards right about ……NOW!!


This was the worst bit of TV I’ve seen in all the years I have graced this planet with my presence. Usually when someone says something is disgusting it is usually a matter of opinion.  Some people’s levels of ‘Disgustingness’ are a lot higher than others. They can stand a lot more and will often life and joke about disgusting things to see other cringe.


To test the ‘DISGUSTINGNESS’ level I decided to have a little experiment. I lined the “2Xclusive” boys against a wall and forced them to watch the YouTube clip just to see their reactions.  It was very much a “2 girls 1 cup” reaction. However the way they all dealt with it was the highlight of my weekend. First off Spex disappeared to the other side of the studio. His face was emotionless as he stared into nothingness whilst holding his stomach. Then there was Warren… He instantly screamed however his curiosity got the better of him so he went in for a closer look. THEN THERE WAS RITCHIE who nearly fell over whilst in mid air… then screamed out at the top of his voice “ADA MERCCCCCCY”….

I can’t say much more than that. Those words will live with me from this day on.

If you want to test your own reaction then the YouTube link is below. However I don’t advise you look if you have a weak stomach!! (Bet you still look…curiosity is a muh f’ckkkker)


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