Drunken Talent

I was in the bathroom the other day and noticed a magazine that had been left in. Finally some reading material….how many times have i read the back of the shower gel bottles or the bleach. Yes we know it’s safe not to drink bleach and if we get it in our eye’s we promise to seek medical advice!!!

Anyways i read a story about a 14 year old girl who drinks 12 lagers and a litre of Vodka a day. So yes i was VERY shocked by this story but not because she’s a 14 year old Alcoholic! But by the fact she can actually drink that much. Lets be honest if you give me a Stella and a Double Vodka Lemonade i got my beer goggles on… Give me 2 Stella’s and a Triple Vodka Redbull and im ANYBODIES (Females only no Bruno) !!!

How the hell did this girl learn to drink so much? That is one hell of a party trick!!!

Real talk though hope the girl recovers from this and manages to regain control of her life.


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