I havent managed to blog for a few days due to being on a job hunt. Searching high and low for a job that will keep me occupied and on my toe’s and something that I’ll wake up on a morning and want to go and do. I’d happily sit here blogging all day and night but unfortunately at the moment nobodies willing to pay me for doing it. So i have to fit it in where i can.

I applied for loads of jobs. My current role doesnt excite me anymore and the repetitiveness just drains me on a daily basis. I’m one of those people who needs a little excitement and variety in my life. I can’t just be any office chicken who sits pressing the same buttons day after day.

I had a telephone interview yesterday. I love them. Nothing better than laying in bed talking your way into a role. Making yourself sound like an absolute gem and making the person on the other end of the line believe that their lives are nothing with you!! There sat in an office in a suit with good posture while your lay in bed in your boxers and picking your nose. Joy!!

Anyways I’ll keep you posted on how the job hunt goes but for now…back to blogging!!


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