Kick A..Zzzzzzzzzz

I thought with it being bank holiday weekend then a trip to the cinema was definitely in order.

I wanted to go and see ‘I love Phillip Morris’ however it wasn’t showing in any of the good cinemas near me. So I decided that due to ratings and feedback I’d go and see ‘Kick A$$’ instead.  It looked like it could be a good laugh so I stocked up on Popcorn and a large coke (Which comes in a bucket like container) and headed for my seat.

If im honest I found no part of the Movie funny. That that I hadn’t already seen in the trailers was far from comical and incredibly childish. I felt like I was watching a Disney Movie and sat waiting for someone to burst out in song. There was the occasional bad language or gory scene (Some scene’s were incredibly gory) however the fact that I was watching Children acting as Superhero’s kind of took the edge off it all. I wouldn’t advise anyone goes and see’s it I’d just borrow it off a friend or wait to buy a copied version off the market. REAL TALK!!


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