ARSENAL vs Wolves


On Saturday I made the trip to London to watch my team THE GUNNERS in action against Wolves. The weather was amazing and the trip was all good, KFC was superb and the view was immense.

My day just got better and better from here on despite the kid sat infront of me who wanted to stand up at every occasion (“Sit downnnnn yout it’s only a throw in!!!”). However Arsenal battled away for 90 minutes against a resilient Wolves side missing a host of chances. You could sense the disappointment, Frustration and anger around the stadium as the 4th Official showed that there was 5 minutes extra time to be played. In the 4th Minute of extra time Walcott was played through but scuffed his chance. Whilst everyone was sitting back down or leaving the stadium the ball was whipped in from Sagna and Bendtner swooped in and headed in a winner in the last few seconds. I’ve NEVER felt anything like it in my life. I had a mental 30 seconds throwing everyone near me about 6 rows further forward. It was crazy the whole stadium erupted.

Once I’d finally managed to pull myself together me and the boys left the stadium. Whilst laughing about my antics when we’d scored we noticed Johan Djourou in his car so ran over and took a few pics. He had stopped his car to sign Autographs for the fans etc. Good man!! Then we got to the tube station which was closed and some guy brushed passed me. I never said anything then my mate seemed to be calling him back. I thought it was about to kick off until the guy turned round and it was none other than Fran Merida. Why he was trying to get on the tube is anyone’s guess but my mates grabbed a picture with him whilst I parred him off saying I didn’t want a pic. Sorry Fran!!

However it was the best way to cap off a great day!!


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