Rooney Injured


Rooney’s injured …BLAH BLAH blooming BLAH!!!

Am I the only English person that really couldn’t care less right now? He WILL be back for the world cup without doubt. Personally I think Beckham will be aswell. Personally I hope that Rooney’s out for a few weeks. I hope that Man United get knocked out the Champions League and I hope that the price of Petrol goes down soon! That’s just the life I live and the opinions I have.

Man United were undone yesterday by a better team on the night. Chance after chance was put on a plate for Bayern and due to their inability to finish they only managed to win by the one goal. Unfortunately things won’t get any easier for United especially if Rooney is ruled out for next leg. Robben will be back in the squad in the next round and after seeing what he did in the last round every United fan must be shaking in their boots.

I hope Rooney gets well soon as I know were definitely going to need him for the World Cup. Just hope he misses this weekend’s game against Chelsea and hope we pick up a few vital points against Wolves.


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