‘Shank’ the movie

Last night i made the trip to High Wycombe to watch Shank the movie with a couple of peeps. Prior to leaving i got a few phone calls and messages saying “Are you sure you want to go and see shank i heard it’s pretty weak?” not to be deterred though i made the trip and thought i’d check it out for myself.

First things first i take my hat off to Bashy for getting such a big role in a UK based movie. Another positive step for those in and surrounding the ‘Grime Scene’

The movie started off in a totally unexpected way for me. I never knew the movie was based in 2015 a time of severe poverty and was based around people fighting for food and not your usual over Money or Drugs. The characters in the movie had me chuckling from the start. Kickz (Adam Decon) on more of a comical tip in this movie. Rager (Bashy) seemed to play a kind of Samual L Jackson role in this. The inspirational character who you can quote and live by pretty much all he says. Sweet boy was the ladies man who loved himself. Jokes at times but pretty lame with alot of his lines and for me didn’t really serve a purpose in the movie. Junior smashed it for me. The youngster played his role well and his free running looked the part. Then there was Craze. I dont think there was a time in the movie when i weren’t chuckling at what he said. An absolutely hilarious character and a joy to watch.

The basics of the movie was a gang had killed Juniors brother (Rager) and Junior was seeking revenge on them. The movie was deep at times but very funny at others. The many animated scene’s kind of threw me a bit and they weren’t really my cup of tea. But i could see how they would appeal to alot of people. Tugz (Ragers Killer) was a scary looking younger who played his part well also. The fact that the movie was totally UK based was a massive thing. The movie in my opinion was great and very different from the norm. So make sure you go out and see it.


**The Jamaican/African guy outside the club serving jerk chicken
**Kickz saying that he’s going to cotch
**Anything that Craze says
**Tempz and D-Doubles performances in the club (Nearly threw my popcorn and drink during Tempz’s)
**The music throughout the movie
**When Adam Deacon gets on the bus and the ticket man says to him “Dont i know you” and it turns out to be trife from Kidulthood


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