Video Pain

There’s a few things in the world that seriously funk me off….. The Government, The Taxman, Martha’s dog from round the corner that is NEVER on the lead but seem’s to want to kill everyone and foams at the mouth like it has rabies and RICH ARTISTS WHO RELEASE CRAP MUSIC VIDEOS!!!

This weekend two video’s were brought to my attention. First off was R-Kelly’s Echo Video. R-Kelly is pretty much the KING of R&B, there is nobody higher than him and i dont think there ever will be. I listen back to his bangers still and his slow jam’s are always something special!! So why the hell did he waste his time on the RIDICULOUS video. At parts he looks like he’s in a flippin Evian advert then other parts looks like he did it in his bedroom with his webcam and Windows Movie Maker!! Worse thing is the song is actually a massive tune… but the video is RE-DICK-ULOUS!!!

The second video was directed by the man 50 Cent himself!! This guy has money coming out of his cuticles yet when he directs a video for Lloyd Banks entitled Big Bully why does it look like its been scraped together like he’s got a budget of about £500 !!! Looks like he’s hired out an abandoned office and then used some old school music video effects to patch it together? Yea maybe the fact that the floor’s covered in Money is saying something but personally if 50’s directing my video then i want a floor made of money not covered in it. The video is overly wack! When i see a video which says Directed by 50 Cent im expecting big things. Not any sideshow bob of a video!! Sort your game out FIDDY!!! KMT!!


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