74 your old Grand-Dad!!!

I was just reading in the paper about Gerry Burks who has just become Britains oldest dad at 74 !!! Is that really something to be proud about or boasting to the rest of the UK? Do you think your daughter will be proud when she turns 20 and tells her mates… yea my Dad cant really take me shopping or do family stuff with me because he’s 94 years old?

The thought of a sexually active 74 year old is straight wrong anyways (Sorry all my 74+ readers as im sure i have many) but seriously im sure there should be an age when you have to retire sexually. Like set out a law about it and stuff. I think Viagra should be fully boycotted as from when your ‘bits’ wont stand up on their own i believe that this is a sign. It’s time to throw in the towel!!

Also why does age not seem to matter when you get old? I dont like this at all. I mean this guy is 74 and his wife is 41 !!! Imagine they got together 30 years ago. Forgive my maths as i was drawing pictures on my books rather than studying but im sure than would make this guy 44 and the woman 11. Bet everyone wouldnt have been soo happy for them if they had the child then ey??

Hmmm this is too much for my poor little brain. Im going in search of a new topic before i get angry!!


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