Teacher Fired

Teachers at Blackminster Middle School, Evesham, Worcs decided that they would act out a short scene for the pupils. The scene was a Hoodie running onto campus and pulling out a gun on one of the tutors. The Hoodie then shoots the teacher and makes off while staff tried to revive the teacher.

Here’s the catch….

They never actually told the pupils that they would be doing this. So most of the pupils were very upset at the scenes and a few of them were sick at the sights. One of the pupil’s parents had been shot prior to this incident so she was especially upset about what she had seen.

After this TWISTED act the school called an assembly and paraded the un-hurt teacher infront of the pupils who were by now distraught. Parents were obviously furious about the stunt. A starter pistol was used as the weapon and anyone who attended their school sports day will know exactly how realistic a starter pistol sounds.

Obviously this incident is being looked into at the moment and the teachers have responded by saying that they did it part of a Science Lesson!! Hmmm… Maybe now my mum will understand me when I said that Teachers are stupid.
Anyways I guess they should count themselves lucky that they did this out in a school in the sticks. Do that at the school I went to the gunman would have been shot 17 times, received several severe stab wounds and had everything from his pockets and neck removed before he could even pull the trigger!!! Haha.


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