Falling for you


Okay so this is how the story goes. A woman in Brussels Belgium decided that she wanted to commit suicide, so she jumped off a 12th Floor balcony. However she managed to land on some poor unsuspecting passer by and killed him too.

I know it’s totally wrong, maybe a little sick and very twisted… but I find this funny!! You’re all probably going to hate me and stop reading my blog now but can you imagine walking along and suddenly you get A PERSON falls from the skies and lands on you? Imagine your reaction? Imagine what the hell you would think if you saw this? Surely you’d initially look to the sky to see if there were any other falling people? Then you would probably go to inspect to find out if this person was actually an alien falling from Space? Personally I would just run. Falling people would scare the beef jerky out of me so id just dust (Who remembers this term? Haven’t used it for years) and not look back till I was well away!!

It is NOT funny that these two people died. I mean I feel for the two families as of course they must be absolutely distraught. I also sincerely apologise for making a mockery of such a sad situation.

But it does put a whole new spin on the song ‘It’s raining men’


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