STD’s available Online


Here’s a quote for you “Cases of the sex disease Syphilis are soaring due to Facebook users hooking up for unprotected casual romps, medics warned yesterday”

HOW THE FUNK did medics find that information out?

Surely they dont ask you in the clinic where you met your last sexual partner? This has got to be one of the most bonkers statistics I’ve ever seen. Oh and what’s worse is that it actually made FRONT PAGE!!!

Is there seriously nothing more interesting going on in the world? I heard Cider prices were being raised? Also a lady down the road from me fell pregnant and still smokes? Surely one of these could pip that and take front page news? It would make alot more sense than this ridiculous bit of information that will have no effect on the world whatsoever. I am seriously hoping nobodies parents ban them from using Facebook due to fears of them catching Syphilis … I’ve heard of computer virus’ but this is taking the biscuit!

Hopefully these ‘Medics’ will find something more productive to do with their time. Like trying to find a cure for Cancer and saving the lives of the needy.


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