Happy for Dappy



I read Dappy’s bit in The Sun yesterday and im happy for the guy. To come from absolute rags to riches is a huge thing. It’s tough to get out of the struggle when your in it and turn your back on the streets.

The streets can look and feel soo glamorous when your there. The money, the girls and not having anybody to tell you what to do. Why would you turn your back on it to earn minimum wage or to sit around wasting day after day in an office. So to come from that and to get to where he is now should make him an inspiration to others. However once again….it doesn’t!!!

See the world will sit and moan about the kids of today, The ‘HOODIES’ and the ‘GANGSTERS’ that leave them scared to leave their homes on a night. So you now have a role model for all of these anti social kids on the streets. But what do we do when we finally find someone showing the kids that theres a way out? Telling them to stay off school and not to take drugs? We fire them down too!! The comments left after the interview were pathetic and totally uncalled for. Why do we do this? Why moan at someone for being a “Little sh*t” then when he finally turns his life around and does something positive, we kick him back down again?

It’s disappointing that this is how the UK currently is and makes me wonder what we have to do for a little praise around here.

Anyways ‘N-Dubz: Against All Odds – From Street life to Chart Life’ is published by HarperCollins and is available as of the 1st April this year so make sure to get it as im certain it will be a good read.


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