Handy Andy


When i read in the paper that Andy Carroll had smacked Steve Taylor in the mouth my initial thoughts were “GOOD I HOPE IT HURT” and to be honest with you those thoughts haven’t changed in the slightest.

To be fair he’s definitely got one of them slappable faces. Certain footballers are born with them. Gary Neville, Michael Carrick and Darren Flecture to name a few… (Yes i spotted they are all Man United players). To be fair the only people we can blame are the parents of these players. You can’t blame Andy Carroll as he probably did what every player in his team wanted to do. Andy Carroll’s a current legend to every toon fan and i dont think too many people will care that Steven Taylors out for the season. However to break his Jaw he must have given one hell of a slap. Maybe it will have fixed his face slightly so that when Newcastle are back in the premiership next season he won’t be such an eyesore.

Anyways hats off to Andy Carroll for doing his thing and then walking straight back out onto the pitch to score the winner against Doncaster. You’re doing well son keep up the good work.

However nobody will ever attack a fellow team mate like John Hartson


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