P-Diddy wants to buy Crystal Palace


 Firstly say it like the Champagne…. Crystaaaaaaaaaaaal Palace 😉

I was reading the paper the other day and stumbled upon this story and almost choked on my Herbal Tea and Rice Cake! What kind of madness is this? I could see the direction football was heading in as these major investors were coming from over seas. However I never imagined this.

The visions im having are absolutely epic. I can not only see Diddy taking over the club but I can also see him managing it. Sitting the squad down at half time like they were Day 26 in making the band!! The dressing room pimped out with Models as physio’s and kit men. A half time drink of Grey Goose and Red Bull while Diddy runs through the tactics on his I-phone. Imagine the squad sat in their Sean John kits walking around in velour tracksuits and flat peaks. The changing room pumping Hip-Hop while the players get prepared.

My imagination is running wild…..

Imagine all the players walking out in stunners with a Diddy smile and every time Palace score Diddy’s voice would come over the Tannoy saying “Take Dat, Take Dat” Could you imagine the Party that Diddy would throw if Palace won the Champions League? I think the world would turn up.

Im really hoping that Diddy does choose to invest. It would be massive for football and absolutely HUGE for Crystal Palace. He’s not the type of person to start something and be happy with second place. He will keep pushing until he’s number one!


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