Knife Crime Uk


Last week I put this question to my Facebook friends

“Would you rather your child carried a knife and ended up killing someone? Or didn’t carry a knife and was killed by someone? The knife was “To protect themselves”??”

It proved to be a question that many found interesting but also very difficult to answer. A question that I’ve often asked myself after seeing and hearing soo many stories from the streets and on the news. Now I also have a child of my own the question seems all the more realistic however I now find it easier to answer.

The general response was “Don’t carry a knife and tell them not to go places where they are likely to be stabbed! And i wouldn’t let them mix with people that do or even bring them up in a place with guns and knives on the streets” which is a fair point. However I don’t see it to be realistic in this day and age. Picking up the news paper and reading that another innocent child was killed for being ‘In the wrong place at the wrong time’ seem’s to be almost a daily occurrence at the moment. It’s a very sad however very real fact. People carry knives today like they carry their wallets and mobile phones. Knife carriers do not sit in a certain part of a town everybody moves about. There is no ‘Safe’ place in the UK at the moment. There are places ‘Safer’ than others. However nowhere is completely safe.

My mum often talks to me about when she was a child growing up in Newcastle. She says that at the age around 5 years old she was free to roam about the area. The family would sleep with the doors unlocked and the worst situation anyone could find themselves in was a fist fight. When I talk to her about knives and guns the subject seems to be dismissed pretty quickly. It’s like people who have grown up in her era and are not around the hustle and bustle of the streets today can not accept that the world has changed….Dramatically!! I think that a lot of people out there choose not to believe that the streets are as dangerous as they really are and would rather live with the belief that we are safe if we steer clear of the trouble. However at times trouble has a weird way of finding its way to you.

Another interesting response I had was “Don’t carry a knife, so long as my child is doing the right thing, and stand before god with a pure heart.” This was an opinion that I’d always put to myself when asking the question. However i also thought that if God forgives all those that have sinned then why should my child have to loose his or her life when they could be with me asking God for forgiveness?

So to me I believe that everybody’s life is mapped out. We all have our own paths and choices to make however our destination will always be the same. So personally I would rather my child was the knife carrier. If the child was meant to loose their life that day then surely their decision to take the knife would have been influenced. I would never advise my child to carry a knife or advise anyone else’s child to carry a knife. This is merely the opinion of someone whose child is their life would give the world for them to stay safe and secure.

Obviously I’d much prefer for all crimes to disappear and for the world to become a safe and loving place. However I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon as the crime rate across the UK seems to be rapidly rising in a world that is slowly spiraling out of control.


One Response to “Knife Crime Uk”

  1. You finish with a view that I share.
    Why are you mentioning god at all? We can’t count on that.
    Though an interesting option would rather be legalizing pepper spray which is illegal in the UK! That doesn’t mean that you can’t get some. They’re all over the internet from as low as £2 per 2 units. Therefore a more sensible question would be. Would you rather give an illegal pepperspray to your child in order to escape a lethal attack knowing that a small fine can be incurred and his criminal record will get a remark that might make him unable to get a proper job, or would you simply let him face it with a knife or nothing at all?
    Carrying a knife is as dangerous as carrying nothing.

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